A special page for truly pathetic men to get in touch with their feminine side.



I enjoy wearing My 9 inch strap-on over My jeans when I have the houseboy spread his legs for his weekly ass fucking.



Feel the heel of My shoe against your throat or crushing your testicles - I'll flip a coin to decide what I'll do.

.: Fetish Interests
Naughty and Naughtier

   Footboys for foot and shoe worship

  I adore My footboys, but that doesn't mean that you won't be treated like the groveling little doggies that you are.  You can yearn to sniff and kiss My Princess Feet.  How badly do you want to feel My stocking feet resting on your face, or the heel of My pump or boot pressing against your throat as you look up at Me.

   Strap-on Play

  I believe that a strap-on goes with any outfit.  My favorite way to take a subbie's ass is to wear My strap-on over My jeans, rip down the subbie's pants, put him on his hands and knees, and take his ass while he's on the floor.  I enjoy taking a man's pride away from him, and nothing accomplishes that better than a good ass fucking with My strap-on.

   Sissy boys and Wanna-be cocksuckers

  As long as I've been dealing with submissive men, it still amuses Me that a "man" needs to wear panties, stockings, or even a dress complete with wig and make-up in order to do what he fantasizes about and masturbates to on a constant basis - SUCKING ANOTHER MAN's COCK.  I enjoy pimping out My sissies and having them suck cock at truck stops and public restrooms after they raid their wife's or girlfriend's lingerie drawers.  Sissy-Boys and Cucks can go to their own special page - HERE.

   Corporal Punishment and CBT

  What else is a man's cock good for in the hands of his Domme other than being tortured and tormented???  Not much.  Pain sluts will have their limits tested and expanded.  I enjoy listening to the whimpers and sounds of a submissive in pain.  Don't forget your safe word.

   Public Humiliation

  When your lust has taken control of you, you become putty in My hands.  I will humiliate and degrade you before I even consider granting you what you desire.  I enjoy playing with My professional submissives while they are at work in their offices sneaking phone calls to their Mistress.  I'll make you squirm in your office chair behind your desk, or under the desk, or while you're crawling around your desk . . . whenever and wherever I feel that it's in your best interest to show your submission to Me.  You've fantasized about it . . . now LIVE IT.



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