August 23, 2004

OWK Interview

Last Sunday, I did a new photo shoot and spent about 5 hours on My interview which has just been published on the Other World Kingdom website. I am honored that the OWK asked Me to appear on their website. Below is an excerpt from the interview, and you can click the banner to see the remainder of the interview on the OWK site under their "Interviews" link.

Interview excerpt:

What do You think of the punishment stays for wayward slaves that the OWK offers? For example a slave has his head fully shaved, is given an underground prison cell, locked in shackles, is whipped twice a day and put on display nude in the public pillory and fed only dry bread served on the floor and trampled upon by the Guardesses . Do You think this is effective punishment? Do You have any slaves You might consider sending there or this?

I like the opportunities for potential punishment that OWK offers, but punishments are different for each slave. For My personal houseboy, I know that the example given in your question would be like sending him off to day camp instead of having him punished. Being trampled by stunning European Guardesses and being displayed naked in front of them would be his idea of a good time. I think that often times the best punishment for a slave is deprive him of what he wants most, and that usually is the attention of his Mistress. So, I think that solitary confinement in the prison cell would be the most effective punishment for him.

August 18, 2004


Phones are back on and I'm taking calls this week from all you little worms!

I been very busy with this site design soon it will be a members area I hope by the end of this week the entire members area has been uploaded, I just need to add the chat script to it and have ccbill take a look. I'm tired it's almost 8 a.m. and I have yet to sleep. I know it's crazy to stay up so late. I must be honest I'm a bit tired of going to bed at 8a.m. for the last week. I got to try and figure out how to MAKE MYSELF wake up by 1p.m. because sleeping until 3 or 4 is CRAZY! I have not seen the sun much LOL. Well I already kind of look like a vamp, as you know I never lay out in the sun(so bad for the skin).

I got a lot of work to do when I get up. I need to install another script, update the gallery on this site,also I have a site design to do for a client who hired Me for some work. She is a real nice lady I have done work for her before. Seems to be doing good on the Internet.

I'm off to sleep for a few hours...

August 17, 2004


I'm in the middle of uploading the new pages which I have updated..For a few hours there might be glitches as I upload :) deal with it!

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